ONLINE CLASS TIMETABLE - W/C 30th November 2020

All online weekly classes are £8
Please get in touch at to book any in-person classes

Monday 30th November: 0930-1045
Hatha Yoga

Suitable from all levels

Monday 30th November: 1745-1845
Yoga for Pregnancy

Suitable from 16 weeks

Monday 30th November: 1930-2045
Hatha Yoga

For all levels of experience

Tuesday 1st December: 1000-1100
Bring-A-Baby-Yoga (Post-Natal)

For all levels of experience

Tuesday 1st December: 1800-1900
Yoga For Beginners

Suitable for complete beginners

Wednesday 2nd December: 1800-1915
Hatha Yoga

For all levels of experience

Wednesday 2nd December: 1930-2045
Hatha Yoga

For all levels of experience

Saturday 5th December: 0830-9030
Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Some experience recommended


Friday 4th December: 1900-2000
Friday Night Relaxation

Join me for this extended, nurturing, guided relaxation in the comfort of your own home. What a way to start your weekend!

Get cosy in a warm and peaceful part of your home with blankets, cushions, bolsters, candles, incense, crystals and whatever else makes you feel like you’re taking the best care of yourself that you can. You only need the space it requires for you to lay or sit as comfortably as you possibly can be.

We will prepare with some joint freeing practises to aid comfort and flow of prana and then deepen that further with some soothing pranayama. Once comfortable, I will guide you through a deep yogic relaxation (yoga nidra) which is well-known to improve sleep quality, reduce levels of anxiety and depression, and to deeply rest your body and mind.

As you are at home for this session at the end I will quietly end the zoom call so that you can very gradually awaken in your own time. Your practise will magically connect with whatever it is you need at the time; be it rest, peacefulness, clarity or energy. And as we are all different, this will be different for everyone.

I hope you can make it, Lynne x

Personalised Health Improvement Courses
More recently, I have been putting together some yoga therapy programmes to support people during times of stress, illness or chronic and continuing low energy and vitality levels.

This can be beneficial for post-illness or injury as a safe and mindful way of re-strengthening the body, therefore stabilising the mind. This way of approaching your health is really helpful for anyone living with a chronic condition that could be improved with some realistic lifestyle changes.

The idea of this is not to remove any medicine or treatments you already have. The idea is to maximise your wellbeing with a complementary holistic approach to the way you already live your life. A therapeutic yoga practise is at the heart of these courses, which would be tailored to meet the individual needs.

If you would like to know more, please email me at