Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation) £15pp. Booking advisable. Get in touch beforehand if dropping on the day.
Friday 17th January 2020 1900-2015
Friday 21st February 2020 00-2015
£15 pp
To book your space,  email me at or go to The Yoga & Wellness Rooms online bookings to pay via paypal.

Mondays 0930 @The Yoga & Wellness Rooms
Hatha Yoga for all levels of experience. A great way to start your week and wash any Monday sluggishness…

Mondays 1930 @The Harbour Club
Hatha Yoga for all levels of experience. A little bit gentler if you are looking for a quieter more “Monday” practise to start off your week

Tuesdays 10.30 @ The Shoreham Centre
Bring A Baby Yoga. Post-natal yoga classes for you with your baby by your side. A nurturing and relaxed yoga class for new Mummies with their babies. Currently spaces available from Tuesday 4th June 2019. Email me on to book your place. (this class returns Tuesday 3rd September 2019)

Wednesdays 1800 and 1930 @The Yoga & Wellness Rooms
Hatha Yoga for all levels of experience. A little bit stronger than the Monday class if you are looking to strengthen and deepen your practise

Saturdays 08.30 @ at The Yoga & Wellness Rooms
Suitable for all levels of experience. An energising morning practise to kick start your weekend.

Saturdays 10.00 @The Yoga & Wellness Rooms
Yoga for Pregnancy. A class specifically designed for pregnancy which will help ease and prevent discomfort and prepare you with some useful tools for childbirth. Suitable from 15/16 weeks onwards. Please get in touch prior to joining the class.
There are currently spaces in the Saturday morning class - classes run through the summer. See above for class running dates. Drop in prices available. Email me on to book your place x

A wonderful message from Kate, a beautiful Mum I had the pleasure of teaching recently x
“I had to message you to thank you properly for the amazing pregnancy yoga you taught me for the past few weeks. I truly believe it helped me loads during the birth of my daughter last week. I really remembered my breathing and the techniques you taught us and had a wonderful birth experience” 


General class info

I always have mats, blocks and belts with me which you are welcome to borrow, but if you have your own mat and would like to use it, then that’s fine too!

I accept cash and card payments in class and am also happy for you to pay me online (I can send you bank details


Mondays 1930-2045 Hatha Yoga at The Harbour Club, Shoreham Beach

Class info is as follows: I have a few mats, but you can bring your own if you have one as it sometimes gets busy. Suitable for all levels of practise. Beginners and more advanced practitioners welcome. Class fees:£9 drop in, £40 for 6 consecutive weeks or £45 for 6 classes to be taken within an 8 week period.

Bring A Baby Yoga -  Tuesdays @ 10.30 at The Shoreham Centre (opposite the library).

Classes are now running at The Shoreham Centre on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am. Currently taking bookings for April 2019…email me on or call me on 07515917169 to book your place.
It’s a lovely friendly and relaxed class and a great place to make friends, re-gain strength and generally feel a bit taken care of,  with your baby by your side (pre-crawling babies only please). Email me on for booking and class info. Private group bookings also available. Look forward to seeing you soon! Hope to see you soon, Lynne x

Small classes for mummy and baby to enjoy together. Suitable for mummies and pre crawling babies. Booking essential small groups bookings also available. For more information and to book your place, Please get in touch at

What do I need to bring?
I will provide all the yoga equipment - mats, blocks and blankets, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. The floor is carpeted but you will probably want to bring something for your baby to roll around on depending on their age and abilty.

When can I start?
As long as you feel fit and able then you can come along at any stage after childbirth, although I would suggest that most people should wait 6 weeks. If you need to take things more slowly, then you can still come along and benefit from the breathing and relaxation exercises. If you gave birth via c section, you may want to wait a little longer, although i would never turn you away, simply adapt your practise.

What age baby can I come along with?
Pre-crawling babies so that you can really benefit from the practise! Unless you book as a group and are all happy with your friends’ more mobile babies in the class.

What happens if I need to feed/change my baby
You can feed/change/comfort/whatever is necessary at any point during the class. This yoga practice will be very different to a normal class as there will invariably be some sort of distraction throughout. Learning to stay calm and focused amidst the chaos is a very useful tool as a mum, and you will find that it becomes increasingly easy with each class and will begin to filter out into everyday life.

Any other questions?
Please feel free to call me on 07515917169 or email me

If you would like to contact me about any of my classes, please get in touch at , or call me on 07515917169 to book your place…..look forward to teaching you soon. Om shanti, Lynne x

Dear Lovely Yoga Students,
LynneJarrettYoga classes have been running for over ten years now and have been amazing!! You’re all fabulously inspiring and joyful to teach. Unfortunately I had to take some time off in the Autumn of 2016 for the final part of my treatment, (see my blog for details). My mini “sabbatical” whizzed by and I am so excited to say I am back to health and have been teaching fully since January 2017.So now we are almost in the spring of 2018, I am really excited to be planning my next retreats, courses and weekly classes and sharing them with you this year.

All the classes are detailed below, but feel free to get in touch here of you want to check with me before turning up.

Love and Peace to you all
Lynne x

Bring A Baby Yoga At The Shoreham Centre

There are currently spaces available from Tuesday 3rd July 2018. Email me on to book your place. Last week of term for this class is Tuesday 17th July.

Post-natal yoga classes for you with your baby by your side.
Tuesdays, 10.30 @ The Shoreham Centre.  A nurturing and relaxed yoga class for new Mummies with their babies. Booking essential. Email me on for details on how to book. Love, Lynne x

Pregnancy Yoga
Saturdays 1000-1115 The Shoreham Centre

A class dedicated to yoga for pregnancy which will help ease and prevent discomfort during pregnancy and prepare you with some useful tools for childbirth. Designed to nourish and relax in this amazing time in your life. Suitable from 16 weeks onwards. Please get in touch prior to joining the class.
£45 per 6 classes to be taken within an 8 week period. £9 drop in rate also available.

Birth Breathing Sessions
A way of involving your birth partner so that they can support you as much as possible during the birth of your baby (or babies!). It is an incredible help to have your birth partner there to remind you of the breathing and calming techniques, so that you do not have to think of anything apart from focusing on birthing your baby. The session includes breathing and relaxation techniques, helpful birth positions and a guide through the different stages of labour.  I can also offer advice on birth plans if you are not sure of what to include, or whether to have one at all!! These sessions are arranged around you as much as possible and usually take place at your home. Get in touch with me directly to book a session.

What the lovely pregnant ladies of Shoreham, Steyning, Lancing and Worthing have had to say about the pregnancy yoga classes…

I loved every moment of my pregnancy yoga classes with Lynne and looked forward to them each week. Lynne has a beautiful calm energy which makes the classes so peaceful and enjoyable for mums and bumps! I would happily recommend them! Francine, Shoreham

Lynne’s yoga classes were the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy! Her classes were friendly, safe, supportive and restorative but also energising and I really valued that dedicated calm time to connect with my growing baby. Lynne also gives really helpful individual advice on how to alleviate those pregnancy aches and pains as well as breathing techniques that were so important in labour. Thank you! Sarah, Shoreham

The breathing techniques that Lynne taught us were particularly useful for pre pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy calming too.  It was good to feel that you had some techniques that you could call upon in labour to help you focus and centre.  The way the classes catered for you individually depending on how you were feeling and progressing in your pregnancy was a particular strength I felt.  You always felt that you were being looked after as an individual, not just a member of the class.
Lynne’s teaching style was also a plus of the classes for me, knowing she had Pregnancy yoga as one of her expertise made me feel relaxed about the different positions and the advice she was giving, having been through labour once herself and soon to have another!
I loved the 15 minute wind down at the end of the class, being amazed how comfy and relaxing that floor felt at the end of a session whilst I was having difficulties sleeping in my nice comfy bed heavily pregnant!! Sam, Shoreham

“I found the classes so helpful in my last few weeks of pregnancy and only wish I’d started them a bit earlier. I’d never tried yoga before, but the relaxed and friendly sessions, tailored to the needs of the group were great for relieving aches and pains, not just during classes but between them too - I used stretches I’d learnt during sessions every day at home from 37 to 41 weeks to relieve aching back and hips. I also found classes really relaxing and have recommended them to all my pregnant friends” Nicky, new mummy and pregnancy yoga student

Having an older child, attending pregnancy yoga gave me the time and space to focus on my baby and to prepare myself mentally for his arrival.  Unfortunately I was only able to attend a couple of sessions and would like to have done it from earlier on in my pregnancy.  To anyone who is pregnant and considering pregnancy yoga I would highly recommend it….Sally, Shoreham

Why Pregnancy Yoga?

“Giving birth is something that women do with their body, not in their mind, Birthing From Within, Pam England and Rob Horowitz”

A lot of us have disconnected from our true nature, and relearning this will help us bring our babies into the world as calmly and happily as possible. During childbirth, what we employ to support us needs to be like second nature to be helpful. This is why to practise pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation techniques regularly during pregnancy is vital. To be able to reconnect with these practises easily and instinctively during childbirth (whatever form it may take) is so valuable. Everyone can practise yoga, which is why it is perfect for pregnancy. Always adaptable, yoga helps to calm the mind and strengthen the body without strain. A pregnancy yoga class can offer a supportive environment where you can rest and recuperate whilst learning useful tools for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

General Information

Please get in touch with me prior to attending the classes

Please consult a doctor if you have any reason to believe you need to before beginning a yoga practise, especially if you have never practised any yoga previously.

Please keep me informed of any changes that may affect your practise so that they can help you adapt your postures accordingly

Please eat something light a little while before the class to avoid getting too hungry and bring water with you in case you need it

Always practice with caution and stop and tell me if anything doesn’t feel right

Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Layers are ideal as your body temperature may vary during the class

Ideally you would attend a class specifically for pregnancy rather than a general yoga class, however if you do attend a general yoga class, please inform the teacher of your pregnancy