Practise At Home

Home Practise is so important in my opinion. As yoga is most beneficial with regular practise, your yoga at home will give you such a boost. Not many of us are able to attend daily classes after all. I would really like to add to this page gradually to offer you an easy to use guide to practising at home. I have already put up a couple of postures and from here am planning to put up some videos so that you can be guided on your mat at home.

If you would like a to practise at home, why not create your own personal practise by using the descriptions of the asanas to the right of this page.

An ideal practise would include the following:

Relaxation in Savasana for at least a couple of minutes
Warm ups
Pranayama/breathing exercises
Dynamic practise such as Soorya Namaskar
Balance such as Vrkasana/Tree poture
Deep stretching asana such as Paschimottonasana/seated forward bend
Inversion such as Sarvangasana/shoulder stand
Meditation and Relaxation

Click on the asana to go to downloadable description of how to practise the posture safely. If you would like to see descriptions of a particular posture that is not here, please get in touch via my contact page

Asanas and Sequences

This practise is for when you feel exhausted and need to replenish energy stores, or you just simply want to feel nourished and calm.

Ardha Chandrasana