Why choose one 2-one tuition?

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One-2-One tuition allows you to work at your own pace, at a time and in a place that is convenient to you. With solely your needs in mind, you will receive a tailored practise plan which can be adapted as and when required. This is a great way to begin practising yoga, or if you already have a regular practise and would like to focus on a specific area for development. 

This has previously been valuable to those who have a stressful lifestyle and find it difficult to find any time for themselves.

“It is hard to fit your own stuff in with a young child in the house, so it was great to have a clearly outlined structure and tailored class that suited me and that we had already practised in our sessions together. I now have much improved flexibility and strength and feel much better about my body and health. I am now able to “self calm” more easily and have been pleasantly surprised at how much I have been able to fit in” Charlotte, new mum and commuter.

My most recent student is a newly trained yoga teacher who felt that she needed some familiar guidance to give her confidence as she embarked on her new journey as a yoga teacher.

“I always look forward to Lynnes classes as an oasis of tranquility amidst my busy life. Lynne teaches with clarity, gentleness, warmth and humour and I always leave feeling calm and serene with a sense of ease, flow and lightness through my body. I’ve been attending Lynnes classes for 4 years and I’ve noticed that my persistant lower back ache disappears when I can attend on a weekly basis” Lisa, yoga teacher

I also teach busy working mums which gives them the opportunity to practise at a time that suits them, and if they choose, in their own home. Other students that come to me do so because they have injuries or conditions which require much more individual attention than a general class. 

Course Structure

- Initial consultation to discuss any specific needs,
  expectations and goals. Followed by a yoga class with me.
- Regular classes tailored to your needs and level.
- Assistance via telephone or email as required
- Personalised yoga practise, appropriate to how you are at the time and depending on how your practise develops.


£60 per session (usually around 90 mins)

If you have any questions about any of my classes, please feel free to contact me
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