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Hello August (and September actually...)

It’s feels like I’ve been away for months, when in fact it’s only been a couple of weeks - time works so weirdly sometimes doesn’t it. I thought an update would be useful for anyone who follows me. Clear and refreshed after a Summer holiday is good right?

At first glance you may be thinking that I am all about gardening and food - both of which I love, and both of which play a huge part in my life. However, I started out as a yoga practitioner back in the early 2000's, finally realising my dream of training as a teacher in 2008.

From then on my passion and curiosity for all things wellness - yoga, ayurveda, nutrition, fitness, gardening and nature - has pretty much filled my brain with constant inspiration, and spurred me on to study, train, practise and teach with all of it in mind.

As well as teaching my regular yoga classes, workshops, day and weekend retreats, I also offer one to one and small group tuition at my studio The Yoga & Wellness Rooms and via zoom for those people who find it easier or prefer to join online. I teach everyone who wants to come along, and offer a friendly and relaxed class atmosphere, with absolutely no expectations aside from enthusiasm and kindness!

More recently I have trained as a nutrition coach, which feels like the final piece in the puzzle, and I have since been helping people feel their best with an all round holistic coaching package. Some people come to me for straightforward nutrition coaching to get them started on a personalised plan to increase energy and health, and some people decide to go for an overhaul from every angle. Both are great options and quite often people who start with nutrition-only will add in some or all of the other elements to really get to the heart of what is needed.. There are lots of reasons people come to me for this aspect of my teaching - please get in touch with any questions, or go to my website for more info. Coaching packages are detailed on my website

I truly love what I do and feel so happy and lucky that my decisions have brought me to this point. Not only has it helped me help others, it has also supported my own health over the years. First hand experience of living with Multiple Sclerosis (I was diagnosed at the age of 30) has taught me so much about taking care of myself, setting boundaries, accepting and embracing physical changes, unpredictable and varying abilities, and most of all, knowing that feeling well is never as a result of one pill, one good night's sleep, one healthy meal, or one yoga session. Regular investment of time and energy is how we get to the root of what we need, allowing us to build strong foundations of balance and calm. My own experience of rebuilding my health has guided me towards developing an instinctive and fluid approach, meaning my coaching is tailored to exactly what my clients need, and for however long they need it.

So there's a bit about me - I feel like this time of year is a good time to take stock. Longer, warmer days make it all feel easier. And I'm always excited to get to September - still warm, with a hint of cosiness and a post-summer-routine-shake-up which suits me and my health perfectly!

I'll be running a few yoga classes and workshops in Shoreham and online starting this Monday 7th August. Go here for details of availability in my Summer 2023 Timetable

See you soon

Lynne x

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