Yoga for Me
In my twenties, yoga was the only thing that kept me balanced in my hectic London life. Even after a couple of classes, I became more aware of how I was treating my body. This became increasingly important as yoga opened me up and made me more sensitive to my lifestyle. After over twenty years of regular practise, yoga is now an essential part of me and all aspects of my health and is a healthy influence in all areas of my life.

My Teaching
I have been learning, studying and practising yoga for about twenty years now and in 2008 I finally felt qualified enough to teach. After gaining a Unity Teacher Training Diploma, (validated by the Independent Yoga Network and Embody) I have continued to deepen my knowledge with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, who teaches wonderful courses with a magical approach to pre and post-natal yoga practise and support. At the end of 2019 I thankfully managed to squeeze in a week in London to complete my Well Woman Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health course with Uma. This was an eye-opening and life-changing course, connecting with all stages of being a woman, in an entirely inclusive and welcoming way. As my beautiful children grow bigger, and my own body gradually shows signs of moving into the next stage of being a woman, I am excited to be able to share my ever evolving yoga practise with women who may feel that their yoga needs are also changing as they move through life.

My Influences
My Hatha Yoga classes all have roots in Iyengar, Sivananda and Scaravelli yoga. I have practised and learnt so much from the wonderful Suzy Greenwood (was Daw) and feel that her Scaravelli teachings resonate so strongly with me, that my own practise and classes have also evolved to include some of the main principles of grounding, spinal health and effortless postures without strain.

I have also studied to teach people with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons as this is something that is held very close to my heart and I feel absolutely essential in helping people living with such conditions to find a way to feel more comfortable and calm and more able to cope with the daily stresses of a long term chronic health condition.

My Classes
Over the last few years of teaching and my own personal experience, I have been lucky enough to help people with a whole range of health conditions - from arthritis to MS to anxiety to ME - and all with very noticeable improvements. Most of the time, new students come to me as they have heard that yoga helps with backache, helps to improve sleep and muscle tone and encourages a more relaxed state of mind. And yes it does all of those things (just to mention a few!). Yoga really is for absolutely everyone. In my weekly classes, on my retreats, during my morning workshops and on a one to one basis, I will continue to teach with this in mind with absolute focus and dedication. As a yoga teacher, it is essential to have the knowledge, flexibility and confidence to be able to adapt a class to suit the varying abilities and needs of the students. In any class, each student will have different strengths and weaknesses. I embrace these differences so that everyone can experience the full benefit of yoga.

My Own Health
At the age of 31 after a fairly major “attack”, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Luckily by this time, I was already well on my way to becoming a qualified yoga teacher. After the initial horror, I started to accept my diagnosis and took it upon myself to use what I had learnt so far on my yoga journey. I realised that no matter how I felt, yoga ALWAYS improved things. And this had, and still has a cumulative effect. Since that time, I have focused a lot on an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, which calls upon Ayurveda and generally eating as much homemade and as little processed food as possible. This is a work in progress. I know very well that if I eat more healthy, nourishing food I feel much better, and most of the time I do just this. But I also know that if I am so strict with myself that I miss out on Christmas, birthday and Easter treats, I can end up feeling fed up and a bit left out. So I try to keep a balance. Not always as easy as it sounds!!

BLOG My Ms-y House
If you would like to read more about me and how I manage and live with MS, you can follow my blog here: My MS-y House
This is something that I absolutely plan to dedicate more time to as soon as I can. I really miss writing and delving into the intricacies and fluctuations of living with Multiple Sclerosis, but this year has been such a whirlwind, I’ve found it tricky to focus my attention on it as much as I would need to to keep up a regular writing schedule. I’ll get back to it soon!!

NEW!! Personalised Health and Wellbeing Improvement Courses
More recently, I have been putting together some yoga therapy programmes to support people during times of stress, illness or chronic and continuing low energy and vitality levels. This can be beneficial for post-illness or injury as a safe and mindful way of re-strengthening the body, therefore stabilising the mind. This way of approaching your health is really helpful for anyone living with a chronic condition that could be improved with some realistic lifestyle changes. The idea of this is not to remove any medicine or treatments you already have.The idea is to maximise your wellbeing with a complementary holistic approach to the way you already live your life. A therapeutic yoga practise is at the heart of these courses, which would be tailored to meet the individual needs.