Our lifestyle choices can have such a big impact on our wellbeing. When we think of a healthy way of living, sometimes we can get bogged down in the small details and end up giving up because it seems unattainable. The reality is that a lot of us could feel noticeably healthier with a few simple changes, but when life is busy, it's can feel difficult to see an easy way to start making the necessary changes. 

Because we are all unique, our healthy is unique. Of course there are essentials that we all need such as water, good nutrition, regular exercise and sleep, but the details of what really helps us feel brilliant are like our own personal fingerprint of wellbeing.



What's it all about?

Over the years, my experience of living and breathing Yoga and Ayurveda, whilst teaching and applying naturally healthy approaches to my own life, has built up organically and become much more a part of what I offer people in class, and even more so when I see people on a one-to-one basis. This approach has had great results and people have seen great improvements in their health, and a confidence to take it even further beyond my sessions.

As a result, I have been able to develop this holistic approach for my clients with more specific health and yoga-support needs, which has offered them a more complete health-improvement-system.

I am really excited to now be expanding this as a part of my regular offering. It is ideal for anyone who would like to fully prioritise their health, and improve their overall wellbeing with some attainable additions to their lifestyle.

Aspects of your health that you may want to focus on could be:

  • Exercise 

  • Eating habits

  • Stress reduction

  • Any specific health conditions that would benefit from a holistic approach 

  • Various inflammatory conditions that may be the cause of symptoms such as chronic fatigue

Your own personal health-programme could include some or all of the following:

  • Yoga asana (yoga postures) -  a physical practise to increase comfort, strength and mobility

  • Pranayama (yoga breathing) - to ease anxiety and to increase a sense of peace

  • Meditation - to reduce inflammation in the body, to improve sleep quality and clarity of mind

  • Yoga relaxation (yoga nidra) - a deep relaxation offering healing, deep rest, sleep improvement and reduction in brain fog (and many more benefits)

  • Ayurvedic discussion and guidance to enable you to live more in harmony with your natural constitution

  • Reiki for deep relaxation and to heal the body and mind on an energetic level 

  • Dietary guidance - foods to add, foods to avoid, recipe ideas, all in accordance with your ayurvedic constitution

Chrohns disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stress and anxiety due to difficult and complicated medical procedures, debilitating anxiety during pregnancy, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, sleep problems, 



Anyone and Everyone!

If you've had enough of not feeling your best, and you'd like to seriously prioritise your health & wellbeing, this is for you. These sessions will gradually and carefully guide you towards a healthier life, and open up an exciting world of better sleep, improved energy, reduced stress levels and a clearer, more focused mind.

Your Yoga & Wellness plan will begin with an initial consultation session, which will include a simple and realsitic starting point for you to take away with you. Beyond this it's up to you! A few regular meetings are recommended to get you started, and then you can continue with less regular sessions once you have built confidence.  


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