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Self-Care Sucks...

That’s not the easiest thing for me to write as someone who actively encourages people to take care of themselves on a daily basis. And clearly I’m a fan of self-care taken in the right context. It can be amazing, and when ignored over an extended period, can cause chaos (for me it does anyway).

But it can also sound really annoying.

Imagine you’re in the depths of fatigue - I mean the chronic illness kind where getting in and out of the shower takes all the energy you have for the week - and someone suggests to you that you slow down, take a bubble bath and go for a walk in the woods to feel better. #thatideasucks

Or imagine you’re overweight, really keen to lose some of it for physical and mental health reasons, but you’re really stressed out by your eating habits, have no idea where to start to improve them, you don’t really believe you can make a difference long term which makes you eat more of the stuff that makes it worse,  and then someone suggests you drink some water before you eat - just in case it’s thirst and not hunger. #thatideasucks

Or imagine you’re sleep deprived, overwhelmed, skint even though you work full time, and someone suggests you go to yoga in the spare time that you don’t have, spending the spare money that you don’t have, to try to relax. #thatideasucks

So my suggestion is that we instead move the focus onto us as individuals, with individual needs. So that no matter what our needs and resources are, we can all access some appropriate support and take better care of ourselves? #thatsoundsbetter

  1. For me the first step in self-care is about working out how I personally can make regular space and time in my schedule for me.  

  2. Once that’s sorted, I can take steps towards adding some things in that make me feel relaxed and happy.  

  3. Expecting to do it all immediately is unrealistic and may feel disappointing, so adding stuff in gradually and realistically is my advice.

Some of my self care:

  • Setting aside regular slots of time when I can be completely absorbed by an activity that I love (it’s gardening, cooking and a general pottering at home for me)

  • Regular time on my own to do the above whilst listening to music/radio/podcast and not talking to other humans

  • Cooking and eating the most nutritious food I can afford which gives me more energy. I also grow as much of it as I can

  • Drinking water regularly

  • I keep moving (even when fatigued, adapted of course): walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, gardening, yoga-ing, stretching, running, sports…to maintain and increase fitness and therefore energy levels

  • Plenty of good quality rest. Some really early nights. Regular deep relaxations. Naps when I need them.

  • If my plans start to feel too much, then I reduce, cancel and say no to things.

  • I listen to my instinct. My gut tells me when something is not right or helpful, and the times I’ve ignored it, things have gone truly pear shaped.

As always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and ideas on self-care.

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Lynne x

If you feel that you would benefit from some personal coaching including yoga, nutrition and lifestyle choices to help reduce stress levels, maintain a healthy weight, or simply see me for an overall health improvement course, I offer retreats, workshops and private sessions in person and online (via Zoom). Go to or get in touch directly @

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