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Summer Energy Shake

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Here's a super-easy recipe you can whip up in a flash when you need something delicious, chocolatey and full of energy...

In the cooler part of the year, one of my go-to-afternoon-energy-boosters is a nutty hot chocolate, made with raw cacao, almond milk and nut butter. It gives me a little chocolatey hit, but without the crash later as the ingredients are great. The nut butter gives me some protein and the raw cacao a little boost (raw cacao retains the antioxidant benefits that regular, heat treated cococa powder loses)

But on a day like today, it's way too hot for that, so I took the existing ingredients and added a banana for sweetness and energy (I'm teaching tonight so need something to keep me going till 9pm) and some ice to make it lovely and refreshing. I was trying to trick my youngest daughter into thinking it was a super sweet milkshake. She didn't buy it for a second, but we both agreed it was delicious.

RECIPE (makes 2 x glasses):

1 x glass of milk of your choice (I love Rude Health almond milk)

1 x tbsp raw cacao powder

1 x ripe banana

1 x tbsp nut butter (I love Pip & Nut almond butter)

A decent splash of water

A few ice cubes


Whizz up all ingredients in a nutribullet/food processor or similar until smooth. Add ice at end or in the blender. Both great!


For added nutrients and to make it more filling, add strawberries, blueberries crushed cashews and pumpkin seeds on top and go in with a spoon!

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Let me know if you make the milkshake!

Lynne x

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