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What is "Wellness"?

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.

The fact that a lot of us are often trying to get into a state of "Wellness" is a good indicator that it's definitely not a static, done-in-one-week thing. And also that we don't always feel like we have reached that state. So what is it?

Wellness is a unique recipe of ingredients for each person, including a few universal similarities when it comes to the obvious stuff e.g. don't only eat crisps; don't avoid drinking water and replace it with gin etc. This recipe is ever-evolving as we go through our lives. Nothing about us stands still. Kids grow up. Adults get older and have different needs. We are constantly adapting and changing physically and emotionally. If you live with any long term health condition (I have Multiple Sclerosis), your health goals maybe different to that of someone who simply wants to live more healthily and lose a few llbs. If you're already super fit, but don't feel happy and calm, you may need to focus your attention on more calming practises.

For me personally, when I am in a state of " Wellness"...

  • I look and feel physically well due to the nutritious food I have eaten, the regular water I have drunk, the good quality rest I have had and the physical activity I have taken part in.

  • I have time in the week (every week) to do something I really enjoy with people I really enjoy being around.

  • I have had time to myself to relax, practise yoga and be quiet

  • I have spent plenty of time outside

  • I have recently created or plan to create something - e.g. food, a plant, a scarf, a blog

Of course there is much more to health than this, but these are my non-negotiables. If these go to pot, I lose balance and things start feeling more difficult. My nutrition affects my energy levels and my energy levels affect my ability to socialise and exercise and my socialising and exercising affects my sleep and my sleep affects my energy levels. And so on.

The best thing about our wellness is that we can all make a difference to it with some really simple changes. This blog will gradually include the culmination of all my discoveries and studies over the years, some of which have genuinely felt like magical little nuggets of helpful wisdom that were actually already there, I just had to quieten down a bit to see and hear them.

Why not note down your non-negotiables? It's a lovely way to connect with what makes you feel great, and it often makes us remember to add them into our week.

Happy reading and discovering

Lynne x

I am now offering Yoga&Wellness Health Coaching sessions on a one to one basis, as well as workshops and classes in person and via Zoom. If you feel that you would benefit from some personal coaching including yoga, nutrition and lifestyle choices, I offer retreats, workshops and private sessions in person and online (via Zoom). Go to my website to read more about what I offer and how it can help you. Lynne x

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