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A Gentler New Year

There's nothing accidental about me taking a bit longer than usual to post about the New Year.

Just in case anyone is feeling rushed or stressed, or like you should already be hopping about in your new gym gear, please know that if you haven't decided anything yet, or you haven't quite got your energy back after Christmas, it's still a really new year. As I write this we're just five days in.

I'm definitely an advocate for creating some pockets of time in that "middle bit of christmas", when time feels confusing and the days merge into one. Noting down some sort of direction or feeling about the year ahead personally makes my mind feel much happier and clearer.

However, maybe due to the weather and the lack of time outside (it's a huge source of inspiration and energy for me), this year is a bit delayed. And that feels absolutely fine and as it should be. (I did make my first ever jam with frozen berries from my allotment though so I'm feeling pretty smug and chuffed with that)

The annual buzz about changes and overhauls in my opinion is hugely overrated. In my own experience, and from working with lots of people to improve their wellbeing over the years, a steady and gentle approach is much more likely to stick and have a long lasting and more positive effect.

Our wellbeing is not turned around with a restrictive diet or a punishing regime that makes us dread physical exercise. Giving ourselves a "kickstart" is more likely to end up in a giant slump by the end of January. This time of year is for taking stock, regenerating energy levels and thinking about the good bits that we'd like to add or increase, rather than what we think we should cut out. Improving our health for good takes a whole lot more than a quick fix. Which of course takes time, exploration and patience.

I have to be honest that in my younger years, I regularly did a few "New Year, New Me/Quick fixes". I cut out this and that, and tried to work out how many calories I was eating versus how many calories I was likely to burn off in the gym (which has since been proven to be rubbish because we all use calories at a different rate for all sorts of different reasons). I would start a "diet" on Monday and have given up by Thursday. What an exhausting waste of time.

Since then, I have explored various ways of improving overall health (I have Multiple Sclerosis so I always do as much as I can to take care of my wellbeing), and now my focus is firmly on what helps people feel energised, calm and balanced in both body and mind. Living in this way not only feels easier and easier over time, it is also so much more enjoyable-especially as energy levels become much better during the process.

So please be kind and gentle with yourselves this January.

It's still dark and cold and we need nurturing foods, practises and lots of sleep.

And jam. I think we probably need jam.

I'd love to hear about your January ideas and additions - comment below to get in touch

Happy (Very) New Year, Lynne x

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